My name is Alexandra Miller and at the age of 8 I became fascinated with the world of illustration. I had taken a summer camp class to learn the basics of how to draw cartoons and created my first comic book characters, Smudge and Frank. Since that summer I have created hundreds of comics, illustrations, and designs and I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life as a freelance artist. During that time I have attended over 20 events where I sell my own artwork to the public in the form of prints, stickers, and hand drawn commissions. ​​​​​​​
I have also been able to have some of my illustrative works for children published, teaching them valuable lessons about topics such as lockdown drills. Although my greatest strength lies in 2-dimensional drawing, both digital and traditional, I have improved my skills in vector work and other contemporary forms of design like logo design, identity development, commercial projects, etc...
As a professional illustrator it is my mission to continue to grow as an artist and a designer, while fulfilling my dreams and aspirations. In order to reach new heights in my field I have found that I cannot pigeon-hole myself and my skills to one sole attribute of design. I am determined to create intriguing designs and illustrations for all audiences and I hope you enjoy the works I have to present to you through my senior portfolio.
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